ING Bank

The idea behind Lease Direct at ING Bank is to empower customers by making it easier for them to obtain investment funding through a lease and manage their lease portfolio 24/7.We are building this new multi-language, multi-channel and multi-product portal for ING lease using continuous delivery and state-of-the-art technologies such as Spring Boot and RESTful APIs.

As scrum master and agile coach at I converted the the GreenWheels project from component based teams to feature based teams, thereby driving out integration issues early and delivering end-to-end user stories by the end of each sprint. As software engineer my focus was on the integration of the fleet sharing platform with the back-end systems. Moreover, I build the back-end of, a website linking microorganisms to antibiotics.

ING Bank

At ING Insurance / Investment Management we set up and coached the Agile (Matlab) team for the replicating portfolios work stream, which is the cornerstone of the internal economic capital model of ING Insurance and forms the foundation of the calculations needed to determine Solvency II Capital requirements. Thereafter we set up and coached various scrum and Kanban teams that realized the remainder of ECAPS II, the system that actually calculates and reports the internal economic capital of ING group.

Dialogues Technology

Dialogues TechnologyDialogues Technology implements innovative ideas (originating from inside and outside of ABN-AMRO) using a new software development methodology called Dialogues Scrum (core values: dialogue, innovation, result-oriented and empathy). In this environment we developed web applications for ABN-AMRO Pension Services and ABN-AMRO lease.


Nidera. For Nidera we worked on the design and implementation a master data storage (MDS), meant to provide and enforce a central place for the storage and definition of Nidera reference data, such as companies, counterparties and commodities. To this extent, the MDS comprises the development of adapters that disclose these reference data to various back-end systems such as Commodity XL (commodity trading) and Agresso Business World (ERP). The development methodology used was Scrum.

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce. For the Dutch Chamber of Commerce we developed a new domain model (Domain-Driven Design) that is used by a web application that is part of the new company register. In this new register significantly more data can be disclosed and managed. The domain model represents represents the complex business logic of the Chamber of Commerce, imposed by the Dutch Tax and Commercial Code.

Contract Crawler

Contract Crawler. The site is an initiative by IT-Essence. It consists of a crawler bot that hunts for new interim/freelance contracts and a web page disclosing the fetched contract data. After registration, users may subscribe to e-mail updates informing them on new contracts which satisfy their personalized search criteria.

Koopman International b.v.

Consultancy at Koopman Int.. We assisted Koopman International b.v. with an analysis and resolution of some performance bottlenecks. Performance issues addressed involved database access from a Java/Swing-based application as well as from a web-based application.

Center Parcs

Quickscan at Center Parcs. We carried out a quickscan at Center Parcs, where the focus was on the Maven-based build environment meant for the realization of test-driven development and continuous integration. A subsequent reorganization of the project as outlined in the Quickscan report was realized immediately thereafter.

ING Bank

The Tango project entails one of the largest mergers in the history of Dutch banking, in this case the merger of the Dutch Postbank and ING. We supported the Tango securities WebSphere team that implemented (web)services underpinning the handling of securities on the (retail bank) website as well as the associated website itself.


We delivered an implementation of a gateway for the Rabobank Financial Logistics Platform (RFLP) which processes and relays cash management messages. The gateway normalises, validates and reconciliates various types of cash management data, such as transactions, specifications and balances. These data arrive from various Rabobank product platforms and are fed to CoConet's Multiversa IFP (International Finance Portal), the interaction platform for the customers. As a result, Multiversa only needs to support one type of reporting process that is guaranteed to be valid.


Global Cash Pooling provides Fortis customers global 24 x 7 access to the high-end cash pooling service offered by the Fortis Midas Plus Cash Pooling module. A web services based integration in the WebSphere portal allows seamless integration with the single point of access of the Merchant Bank and Commercial Bank business lines.


Online trading offers automated trading functionality to authorized users of the Merchant Banking Client Portal. The first release offered online trading of Plain Vanilla FX Options, which was later extended to include streaming prices (in the browser) as well as automated trading in more products.


The Merchant Banking Client Portal is a WebSphere Portal based Internet application for Fortis Bank customers that "brings the services of the dealing room to your desk".

Linux server & software hosting the Amis technology corner.
R&D activities for the knowledge centers.
Design and implementation of a timesheet application.
Audit of the software managing customer transactions at the business points (outlets) of a Dutch posting service agency (TPG post).


VL-E is a multi-disciplinary e-Science project funded by the ministry of economic affairs. It provides a Virtual Laboratory development platform based on a large-scale distributed computing development area, which consists of high performance networking and Grid parts.


Dynamite provides automatic load balancing for parallel applications running under Linux and Solaris. It supports migration of individual processes between computers (e.g. in a cluster) in a manner transparent both to the application programmer and the user.


The DataTAG project comprised the design and implementation of a system that provisions end-to-end fiber optic connections in a multi-domain network.


Teaching Java and object orientation to students of the Institute of Information Engineering of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


Development of Java based ActiveX components surrounding TIL (Table Information Language), an XML dialect for the dissemination and standardization of (aggregated) statistical data within the CBS.

The development and maintenance of a C++ based Y2K code checking tool.


CARiN was one of the first car navigation systems on the market. The test tool Carsim was key during testing and development of the CARiN software. In addition, Carsim was used for testing digital road maps.


I wrote some extensions and accompanying tests in the C language for an industrial automation software package.

Leiden University

Ph.D. research: automated reduction of the independent variables in large matrices that are used to model lattice dynamics, by means of mathematical operations that can be derived from the lattice symmetry.

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